Through our Primary Market Research Services, we enable companies to address a full spectrum of business and marketing needs, including:

Product and Service Development

  • Identify, assess, and prioritize customer needs and preferences
  • Test new product concepts and find those with the greatest success potential
  • Improve current business processes based on the customer experience

Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty

  • Understand customer perceptions of your brand relative to those of competitors
  • Map out key performance drivers, areas of strength, and opportunities for improvement
  • Develop performance measurements which correlate with revenue growth and customer retention

Customer Segmentation

  • Identify key customer groups and build profiles based on attitude, behavior, demographics, and revenue potential

Communication Development and Evaluation

  • Test marketing materials for clarity, comprehension, and effectiveness
  • Evaluate new product and/or brand names
  • Test and refine potential advertising copy or campaigns
  • Track advertising campaigns on key measures including awareness, recognition, recall, and brand imagery