By way of our Secondary Market Research Services, we offer customized, multi‑dimensional reports and analyses designed to maximize your return on investment, including, but not limited to:

Competitive Analyses and Market Position Assessments

  • Understand the overall competitive landscape and the organization’s position in the market
  • Compare product and service offerings and positioning with industry peers
  • Understand competitors’ capabilities, value propositions, and messaging
  • Recognize strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats
  • Uncover “white space” opportunities for differentiation
  • Identify innovations and new market entrants

Specialty Reports Include:

Environmental Health Care Scans

  • Identify market trends in the health insurance space and subsequent implications for strategic and business planning
  • Understand macro trends, including industry consolidation, rising healthcare costs, growing numbers of uninsured, and changing population demographics
  • Expand insights into emerging industry trends, such as consumerism, eHealth and electronic health records, limited benefit plans, cost and quality transparency, integrated care and health management, health promotion and wellness programs, and retail health care delivery
  • Analyze health care provider trends, such as pay-for-performance and evidence-based care guidelines